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Software 'requirements of an Analysis (the which Provides EQTrades Software, hereinafter Referred to as with analysis software) is a matter of software, the which determines Precisely the Assigned tasks, taking Into account the the client's problem and Expressing IT in an understandable The form for the developer.

More specifically, the analysis software - is the subject, participate in the development of the software product, which is intended to:

- An understanding of the current problems the client organization and the reasons for which the customer is willing to invest in a software product;

- Providing a unified vision of the problems and future solutions for all project participants;

- The collection and updating of the requirements for future product software and redirect the customer's requirements the software, which the development team will be able to understand and provide them with a real functionality;

- Determine the limits of the future system (an extremely important element in the economy of the project, given that the pressure always increases in real projects in the direction of expansion of these restrictions).


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