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Larson Holz LTD is one of the most reputable broker organizations of the international level. Its branches are located in various countries of the world and have been successfully acting for many years. Of course, the reason of it is reliability, proved by time and blameless business reputation. Speed of operations fulfillment in most depends on level of the intermediaries that conduct transactions. The Company has concluded agreements only with verified, licensed and accredited liquidity suppliers. All companies have proved their status at the world trading platforms. 

Spectrum of the services rendered by the Company is rather broad. One can find offers both for small investments and for formidable sums of money. There is possibility to work with various instruments such as currency pairs, futures, options and metals. 

Achievements in the sphere of rendering broker services have been proved by multiple awards and prizes, marked in press, as well as they were fixed by the largest information resources such as Bloomberg and CNN. Specialists of Larson and Holz LTD are considered to be the most qualified in their segment and participated in thematic forums many times. 
The Company was registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that allows every client to look ahead with confidence. We guarantee strict confidentiality of personal and financial data, observing the tax regime and our activity is absolutely transparent. This is a great offer for those who appreciate safety and reliability. Depositary accounts are placed at the banks of the European level and insured. The main mission of Larson Holz LTD is providing convenience, speed and reliability for each client. 


The analytical group of the Larson Holz LTD shares the news about native economy.
The Central Bank of Russia has tightened the requirements list to the non-state pension funds. The total sum of investments of the non-state pension funds into various shares, obligations debt instruments shall not exceed 40%. They have also made some specifications to the spheres of investment portfolios. Now restrictions on the right of investment into some active assets will become valid. Specialists consider that the State has made such a step with the aim to minimize potentially dangerous investment types from the side of the non-state pension funds, and the converse changes are a great stimulation of some segments.

Larson Holz it LTD analysts noticed that calm prevails on the Ukrainian currency market and hrivna (UAH) visibly strengthened. Increased offer with regard to demand put hrivna into quite narrow corridor Importers wait for stronger fall of dollar and so don’t hurry to buy it. Exporters owing to which currency comes to country began selling only obligatory part of earnings and its size amounts 65% for today. There is no sense to sell the rest. Importers are in such seasonal condition that they don’t need especially much currency. The national bank of Ukraine doesn’t interfere in the process of auctions, it doesn’t appear on the market with auctions. Dollar rate within the next days will be the following: 24,7-25,2 UAH/USD. And by favorable solution of questions in the process of negotiations with IMF we can expect more significant strengthening of hrivna. 

Analytics of the Company Larson Holz LTD have marked positive dynamics on the Tokyo trading platform. The main reason was positive statistic data of the USA – data about unemployment have gladden with their low indices as well as Jena depreciation gave a strong impetus to indexes growth. Nikkei index showed increment of 2.44 %, Topix of 2%. Corporations that produce office and medical equipment have distinguished themselves greatly among the companies, whose shares are quoted at the exchange. Average dynamics made about 3.3%. 

Experts of Larson Holz say that this year the developing countries can attract the record sum on the global bond markets, which is connected with their extremely low percentage rates. From the beginning of the current year governments of the developing countries have already issued bonds for 90 billion dollars, which will enable them to attract more than 125 billion dollars of loans. The most part falls to the Middle Eastern countries and countries of the Latin American region. Saudi Arabia plans to enter the loan market for the first time.

Larson&Holz analytics service warns traders about unstable EUR/USD situation in October 2016. Causes of unstable trends can be considered global economy slowdown, tightening of the U.S. Fed’s monetary policy. It may be said that currency pair has medium term signal on 1.11 and 1.04 levels. Technically, the picture of the pair looks steady, no sharp turn are expected.


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